In Conversation with Yuvraj Pashankar

Software Developer at Coditas

A Punekar by birth, Yuvraj describes himself as ‘curious’ as one can be. Read on to know more about the inquisitive software developer as he gets candid about his career expedition…

Taking us back to his childhood, Yuvraj states that he was and still is a mischievous persona. From a very early age, he has been fascinated with how various things worked, and that included technology.

“When I was a kid, computers and mobile phones were very new to the generation. My curiosity was gradually built around it, and that’s how I got into coding.”

Love for coding

Five minutes into the conversation, and it was evident that Yuvraj was passionate, driven, and knew what he was doing. Post his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he went on to pursue his Masters in Computer Applications. 

“It was solely my decision. For a long time, I had set myself up to walk the path of IT. It was the right direction for me.”

When asked about what excites him in building code, Yuvraj was almost instinctive in his reply.

“Seeing something come to life in a virtual world.”

In fact, five years from now, he still sees himself before the computer, coding.

“Apart from the designation, that is,” he adds with a mischievous grin.

Startups or MNCs?

According to Yuvraj, the mere scope of learning in a start-up is its key takeaway while pervasive workplace politics tips the scales away from MNCs.

“There is a big difference between what I had learned before Coditas and what I am learning at Coditas. I’d side with the start-up culture because it helps people go up the learning curve.”

Gathering his thoughts about career-based challenges, Yuvraj relates how his former organization had lost a major project and didn’t have anything in the pipeline. He and his teammates received an intimation that they might be laid off and should hence look for other opportunities. He, however, didn’t lose hope and thus became a part of the Coditas family.

“I had heard a lot about Mitul and wanted to meet him. He had started out with Coditas by then and there was a buzz in the media about how exponentially Coditas was growing.”

Life at Coditas

Yuvraj loves the fact that he’s in a coordinated environment where all members of the higher management are approachable. He also points out how amazing work can be when your mentors believe in you.

“We can go and talk to Mitul because he never says no. He listens. Transparency among teammates is also a predominant factor at Coditas. I have been able to open up quite a lot after coming here. I find people who listen, who take your advice, and consider your inputs.”

Beyond work

In his spare time, Yuvraj indulges in reading about self-help, listening to music, and at times, playing games. He’s also a huge fan of cricket.

Advice to 16-year-old self

“Don’t waste your time. Learn what you can because the competition isn’t easy. Just get yourself ready, for the world you see right now isn’t really what it is.”

You simply cannot ignore the assertive vibe that Yuvraj carries about himself. So, guess what his answer was when we asked him for a message to the world?

“Carpe diem!”

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