In Conversation with Abhishek Sharma

 AWS Architect at Coditas

A crazy juggler who dared to slog 16 hours a day, balancing work and education, but never too tired to crack a joke; Abhishek’s story is sure to inspire you…

When you speak to Abhishek, it is not hard to feel the cool dude vibe about him. He is usually smiling, goofing around with his friends and thinking of his next prank.

But don’t let that vibe misguide you.

Just a few minutes of conversation, and it becomes clear that Abhishek is motivated, driven and extremely passionate.

When asked about his first interaction with coding, he tells us this fascinating story –

“One day, as I walked into my home, I found my sister intently looking at the laptop screen and typing frantically. And then moments later, she shouted with delight. I was confused. Later I understood that for a coder, a squeal of delight means only one thing –

The code has worked.

My sister was pursuing BCS at the time, while I was just a school student. Watching this as a kid was certainly a very fascinating experience. This is where my love affair with coding began.”

Abhishek did not have any family pressure for his career choices. He chose the life of coding for himself.

What excites Abhishek about building code?

“Automation,” he replied.

To address the puzzled looks, he elaborated further by saying, “I love the act of changing something that requires human efforts to an automated mechanism, by just one click. My current job is to automate the infrastructure in a way that every time there is an application outage, the infrastructure mitigates the risk on its own.”

And then with a mischievous smile, he said, “Just like my sister, seeing my code work, gives me a different kind of a high.”

While recalling his engineering days, Abhishek told us that he was not really an ‘ideal’ student. He got in trouble at times. But somehow, he always seemed to find a way out. Some of his escapades might give you goosebumps. But despite that, academically he was one of the brighter students out there. 

However, life was not always smooth for Abhishek.

After his engineering, Abhishek wanted to pursue an MBA. His grit and resilience were put to test as he did not want to leave his day job during this period.

“Yeah, it was crazy,” he said. “I used to leave home at around 7 am, attend my college till 3 pm, go to the office and work till 11 pm.” I felt stretched. It was hectic, but quite an experience, when I look back.

Life at Coditas

Abhishek dislikes monotony.

“There are too many organizations out there where you have to adhere to strict policies. Rather than being focused on the output, they want to micro-manage. And this is precisely why I love being here at Coditas.

“The beauty of Coditas is that the work gives me an opportunity to learn. I get to try different tools and tech stacks. Not just that, I get to solve different challenging problems.”

Abhishek loves being accountable. 

“I love to own stuff. Rather than being told what to do, I get to apply my own skills to solve complex problems and deliver beautiful software experiences for the clients.”

Not just that, but working at Coditas has also opened a few other doors for Abhishek. 

‘Being a leader’ is one of them. Leading and managing people is not always easy. You need to inspire them, care about them and be empathic”, said Abhishek.

 ‘Life is pretty ‘happening’ at Coditas.”, he added with a smile.

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