In Conversation with Khushboo Dengra

Software Developer at Coditas

Born and brought up in Jabalpur, Khushboo has always been the sincere one growing up. Having working parents emboldened her to take up responsibilities from a very early age. Read on to know how challenges pushed her to persevere through her professional voyage...

“Being the oldest child, I had the responsibility of setting a good example before my younger siblings.”

It wasn’t too surprising that she had her path set since her high school days. By the time she reached the 10th standard, she had already familiarized herself with PL/SQL, C, C++, and various Databases.

“Very enthusiastic about learning computer languages, I was keen on software development right from the 12th standard. I started gaining hands-on experience through various projects during my BE in IT.”

Although her cousins who were already a part of the IT industry, encouraged and mentored her in walking the same path, she found sole inspiration in her mother.

“Growing up, I witnessed how dedicated my mother was towards her work and how she always supported the family. I wanted to be like her,” she reminisced with a smile.

When asked for a reason to love coding, she made a pretty fascinating reply:

“Coding is challenging. That’s what I love about it. Whenever a code isn’t running, maybe even for two, three days, I am trying to solve it in my sleep. And I find a solution eventually.”

Interestingly enough, Khushboo’s ability to overcome challenges wasn’t just limited to coding.

Post-college, she went to Mumbai but the job interviews didn’t go in her favor and she was compelled to work in a BPO. She soon realized that she didn’t belong there. She was a coder.

“I moved to Pune, but there too, it was a challenge. Recruiters were not ready to accept the two-year gap in my career since I was a 2016 pass-out. And then, I got the opportunity to appear for an interview at Coditas. I had read about Mitul’s journey and it was absolutely inspiring.”

Her interviewers at Coditas were impressed by the projects she executed in college and the rest is history…

A walkthrough of Khushboo’s experience at Coditas

Khushboo is a React developer with a little over a year of experience, doing what she loves, with a team that motivates her to do better every day!

“When I’m stuck with something, instead of giving me the solution, my manager pushes me to find the solution by myself. He says it’s the best way to learn and he’s right.”

She claims that after getting an opportunity to work in both front-end and back-end projects, she was able to come out of her shell and become more proactive, taking up new challenges with great gusto!

“Now, I am someone who makes my teammates feel happy with my presence. I am the ‘chulbul bachcha’ (bubbly kid) of the team,” she added with a laugh.

Apart from being a developer, Khushboo is a self-trained, freestyle dancer and a paw parent. She also loves to pen down her experiences, eager to set up a personal blog someday.

On an ending note, she wishes all readers to

“Live life to the fullest and follow your heart in whatever you want to do.”

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