In Conversation with Sumedh Puntambekar

Software Developer at Coditas

From a passionate gamer to a full-time coder, from a freelancer to a corporate professional,  from a solo drums player to a band performer, Sumedh is a blend of everything. Read on to find out what’s more…

Pursuing his MCA in computer science, Sumedh jumped into the IT industry. Recollecting his first experience with computers, he says “I was a gamer since childhood. I played a lot of games and that’s how I was driven towards this career stream.”

Sumedh started his corporate career with an MNC. There he executed the role of a tech support engineer. Having the coding bug within, and not willing to perform scripted duties, he happily quit that job in a year to pursue his passion.

Next, he took up freelancing. Sumedh feels freelancing gives one the liberty to choose one’s time and style of working. To name a drawback, he chuckles and says, “freelancing makes you lazy at times.”

Bidding adieu to freelance after 3 years, he worked with another startup before he eventually joined Coditas. 

What is so exciting about the code?

“Honestly, most organizations use common languages. The work is usually performed using the same set of functions or lines of code; like if we want to show some pop-up window on the screen, the workaround is the same. But what truly excites me about being a software developer is, apart from building the code, you have to build some business-specific logic related to the infrastructure, technologies, server-side scripting, etc. For example, the current project I am working on in Coditas involves everything; you have to work on a browser level, server level, AWS, and also machine learning which is the latest technology.”

Talking about the company’s success Sumedh says, “When I joined Coditas, I did not think it would become such a big company one day. I am very proud of the fast and organic growth that we have made.”

Life at Coditas

“I have a brilliant manager, Varun with me. He always has my back and the best thing about Varun is his calm and composed nature, no matter what. I really like him as a manager and that’s where things go right with the team. Not just him, I also admire Amit; for that matter all other managers, Shirish, Gaurav, Piyush, and the rest. I believe you don’t pick a job, you pick a boss. And I cannot be happier with my boss.”

Sumedh believes the experience at Coditas has made him a mature person. “This company has taught me so many things. Being a Leo I was already a patient person, but if anything went wrong with the software, I would panic like no one. But now I believe, if you are building an application, and there are no issues with it, something is surely wrong. You should have issues, and you should find ways to fix it. It’s an ongoing process.”

Sumedh conducts interviews on behalf of Coditas. On talking about that experience he tells us a funny story, “Once I was interviewing a candidate who initially answered most of the theory questions. On asking to write a few lines of code, the candidate exclaimed saying ‘No I can’t code, I just Google it’. I think that says a lot about where coders might go wrong in the early stages of their career.”

Love for Music 

One cannot end a conversation with Sumedh without mentioning his love for music. He is famous in and out of Coditas for his live performances on the drums. “Music came to me from my mother who is an Indian classical singer. My entire maternal family is into music, they are friends with all the leading Marathi singers. Growing up I tried my hand on different musical instruments, and eventually, my love for drums overpowered all of them. I now perform on many platforms and it gives me immense pleasure.”

On a closing note, we asked Sumedh if he would consider playing drums for a living in the future, to which he replies, “Coding is fun, drums are passion. I would like to keep it that way. Not every passion needs to be converted into a profession.”

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