In Conversation with Sneha Suryawanshi

Software Developer at Coditas

From a sincere, shy and reserved teenager, today the words fun-loving, chatterer, go-getter describe Sneha the best. How life changed for this talented poetess, a painter and a dancer? Let’s find out

A wishful doctor, Sneha took up engineering and she couldn’t thank her parents more for advising it. 

“During the final years of engineering, there are minor and major projects. That’s when my interest in software development grew. We tend to like something more when it materializes without hurdles, that’s exactly what happened with me and coding.”

On questioning about her happy place, Sneha promptly said it’s her workplace when a code block runs without any issue.

MNCs or Startups?

“I never aspired for a MNC job. I knew working in a small to mid scale company provides better learning opportunities. They let you be a part of crucial projects even as a fresher. In start-ups, you get familiar with the overall process at a faster pace.

Right now I have just 1.5 years of work experience and hence I am more than happy to continue working with startups.”

Life at Coditas

Sneha loves the work culture at Coditas.

“The work environment is very cool. Pressure is handled in the best possible way, and work quality is never compromised. Also, there are regular fun activities in the office. As I love dancing, my favorite event was the retro theme dance competition.”

On asking about a memorable incident in the company, Sneha has an interesting story to share.

“While I was a new joiner, my team lead Shirish gave me a task and promised me a Cadbury if I completed it. As childish as it may sound, but it made me give in all my efforts to complete that task. This had been a tradition in the team and I became the first team member to get a Dairy Milk Silk from him. That award was so close to my heart that even till date I have the Cadbury wrapper pinned up at my desk, with a note – ‘You have to achieve more. Keep going’. Every day this is the first thing I see before starting my work and that has become my greatest source of inspiration.”

Sneha is part of one of the most fun loving teams at Coditas, and she believes her interactive team is the reason why she could overcome her shyness and become an expressive person.

Today Sneha is a strong woman, ready to take on challenges in her career and not paranoid by talking to strangers. 

She feels Coditas has a lion’s share in positively transforming her personal and professional life.

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  1. So happy for Sneha. Knowing her for more than half a decade now, I can imagine how exciting this must have been for her. Thanks for sharing Shivani. More power to you!!💪

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